Endodontics, modern approach
Date: 27-28 February 2016
27-28 February clinic "Profi Dental" conducts theoretical and practical course on modern trends in endodontics. The course is designed for students and medical interns who want to improve their theoretical and practical level in the field of endodontics know.
Orthodontics. Indirect fixing brackets
Date: 29.08.2015
Practical course on direct fixing brackets
Date: 15.08.2015
The basic course for beginning medical Orthodontists
Modern endodontic treatment
Date: 16.05.2015
Requirements and protocol as modern endodontic treatment success. It includes theoretical and practical part.
Restoration of the front teeth
Date: 21.03.2015
The one-day course for practitioners. It includes theoretical and practical part
Direct restoration of teeth
Date: 31.01.2015
The program is designed for young physicians, includes theoretical and practical parts.